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Shane Kim on PS3 Home

Posted by Jay on Monday, May 14, 2007

Microsoft Game Studios head, Shane Kim, has given his thoughts on Sony’s online strategy, and as we would expect, MS and Sony are not going to be kissing and making up anytime soon…

I doubt [Sony’s] ability to implement it and execute it in a really rich and compelling way. PlayStation Network is not Xbox Live, it’s not even close. To think about layering [Home] on top of that–wow. The hardest part is not even creating the system, it’s regulating the behavior and all of that too. Boy, that’s a massive investment in infrastructure. I actually believe that most gamers will always find more value in what we have on Xbox Live and now Games for Windows Live and how we’re building that out, which really started all about gaming features and now has added more like instant messaging, Video Marketplace, etcetera. That’s what I think is a much better approach, and that’s what our approach is going to be.

Ouch. Those are fighting words. We’ll see how it all plays out this year.


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