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Guitar Hero II Auto Update breaking 360s?

Posted by Aaron on Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yesterday Red Octane released a auto update for Guitar Hero II. The update fixes a problem people were having with the whammy bars not working.

But now there are reports that the recent auto update for Guitar Hero II is breaking some 360s. Some have had the game freeze on them and some even got the dreaded Red Rings of Death. Here are a few posts from the Official Forums:

Eric Geo Posted:
I have been having the freezing problem as well. I bought my first guitar hero 2 last saturday, it froze countless times, and i returned it. My second shot, same problem. Today i bought my 3rd, thinking it may have been that batch of games. I was wrong. The problem this time, is my xbox wont even turn on now…red lights of death. All i can say is Red Octane blows, and this problem better get fixed, or i better get a new console. idiots….

The HockeyGuy Posted:
My 360 got the red lights of death as well after playing GH2 for about 20 minutes, but the exact same controller and game work fine on my other 360. And I’ve played the game for many hours. I’m not sure what the cause of this issue is, but it seems a bit strange that so many are having this type of thing happening on the same game. I almost wonder if it was static or something to do with the controller connecting to the USB port. Whatever it was, I’m not exactly thrilled with Red Octane at the moment. The broken XBox, the crappy controller issues, the way overpriced downloads…

By the way, this is not the first time I have had to send my console to Texas. It happened last July in almost the exact same way (although obviously not with Guitar Hero). That is the reason I have 2 consoles. When it happened last summer I didn’t want to wait for it to be repaired so I bought another one. Sometimes it’s nice to have a backup.

liquidsense Posted:
Add another one to the list.

No problems prior to GH2. Immediately after patch today, game froze on medium level. Looked down and had 3 red rings of death. After power cycle, red rings gone, but now the console freezes immediately upon startup. Sending in so that I can get some crap refurb.

M NINE Posted:
There is a serious problem here. My 360 worked fine until I installed this Guitar Hero 2 patch and after an hour of playing it began freezing, so I turned it off for 3 hours and tried again. Then it began freezing before it even got to the dashboard. A few more times trying to boot up for tech support and I am now the proud owner if a big white brick. The ring of red lights has prompted tech support to offer me a $130 repair service. But I’m going to wait this out because there is no way I’m going to pay if this update broke my system.

Also at click here.

Ouch bad news! I would advise you all not to download the latest update for GHII until this problem can be looked into by Red Octane.

How has your 360 been acting since the auto update? Post in our comment section and let us know.

I am going to send a e-mail to Red Octane and see if I can get a response about this issue.


28 Responses to “Guitar Hero II Auto Update breaking 360s?”

  1. Vidfreek said

    Updated my GH2 on a friends 360 last night (took my hard drive to his place) played fine there but it did have a freezing issue and a disc read error, brought my hard drive home and fired up the game at my place on my 360 and now the game wont even load to play songs, I can get into the menus but once I get to choosing a song it gives me a disc read error every time, of course before this I played the game for the week since its been out, beat the game on medium setting and had 2 more songs to get 5 stars on as well, game worked great with not one problem that whole time and now an update comes out and my system all of a sudden cant load the songs anymore, something definitely isnt right here

    After the pricing of the DLC and now this, my game is getting returned and I will not be rebuying it….not to mention that I’m on my 3rd 360 in a little over a year

  2. Aaron said

    Wow Vidfreek that sucks! I also am going to be on my 3rd 360 console it is away for repairs. I wanted to borrow this game from my firend hopefully they will have a fix out for it by the time I get mine back.

  3. if you delete your saved game file of guitar hero 2, then taht will fix the freezing problem. just dont do the update until you’re certain its fixed.

  4. will said

    think u got it bad i ordered guitar hero 2 online and when it got here it was 1 of the faulty guitar so that wound me up before i put the game in i knew it might be faulty then i put the game in and did the auto update thing next think i knew the console wont read any disks at all so i have to send it to repair for the 2nd time in 2 months so when they get it repaired what do u think i should do try get the guitar changed so not to risk that the guitar broke the console or risk the faulty guitar wth the repaired console?

  5. Neronis said

    got my 360 back from the repair facility (drive went out) and the first thing I did was pop in guitar hero II (brand new never played) and it updated and wont read discs (I enjoy the “please place this game in an xbox 360 console to play” message the most). Now I have to wait a week to send it in again cause Microsoft’s network doesn’t show that the repair is complete yet. I literally had the console up and running for 10 minutes before it broke. Now the waiting game continues….

  6. Aaron said

    Wow man that sucks big time 😦 I do not know why Red Octane or MS doesn’t address this issue.

  7. victor said

    I emailed red octane several times after my xbox360 gave me the three red lights of death. No emails back. So it seems this guys are trying to avoid the problem.

    My xbox360 is dead thansk to guitar*&#^#&*hero2 and red octane geeks.

  8. Saul said

    Well ever since the update everything was fine, but today I put my disk in and everything goes fine until I get to the point straight after the video where it says press any button, and when I press a button it says “loading” and freezes, I looked at the game and it is barely scratched, anyone else have this problem?

  9. Saul said

    oo maybe I havent got the newest update yet, im going to go put my internet on and see what happens

  10. Saul said

    Nope still freezes at loading screen

  11. Saul said


  12. McQ Zilla said

    My Xbox 360 broke down shortly after buying GH2. It started freezing, then I got the red lights of death. Had the 2-year replacement plan from Best Buy, let my brother borrow my GH2 and guitars while I waited for my replacement. His Xbox broke. Just got my replacement, and I’m not even going to try to play the game.

  13. Aaron said

    WOW McQ Zilla that is bad news 😦 MS or Red Octane need to address this issue.

  14. J Rock said

    I know exactly what caused my GH2 to freeze up at the loading screen: deleting a band. I had 3 bands, 2 of which had a lot of progress and one that I rarely used. So I deleted the band that I never used and the next time I tried to play it froze at the load screen. I tried everything I could think of to get it to work, but the only thing that fixed it was areasing the save from my hard drive and starting over from scrath. I shed a tear when I erased that file….

  15. Qrillah said

    I have a disc read error with gh2 it comes everytime when i’m in the screen when you can chooche your song at the 6 act. with songs i tried almost evrything i cleant my cd and i deletet my saved game but the game still gives a disc error! Does anyone now somthing i can do about or do you sugiest i’ll take the game back to the store although i dont know if the take ik back. I hope someoene knows how to fix it

    btw srry for my bad english

  16. Dhags said

    I have that issue where it freezes up at the loading screen. I tried signing in under a different profile and it worked. I REALLY don’t want to delete the file because i downloaded all 9 songs from xbox live marketplace. I don’t know if i’ll have to pay for them again or if they’ll get deleted. Microsoft doesn’t care about its customers do they?

  17. Dhags said

    I tried clearing the cache memory and that didn’t help so i deleted my save file. Fortunately i didn’t have to delete my purchased songs.

  18. Pat O'Neill said

    Same thing here. I put it in its played great, beat all the songs on medium started the hard beat the first four songs then right at strutter it just kept on saying disc is unreadable. Then I got the 3 rings… Is there something that can be done? Or do we all have to sit here looking like dummies?

  19. Tyler WIlliams said

    i just bought a 360 about 3 days ago and it was working fine. i dont think i downloaded a patch or anything but my game freezes when i play guitar hero II. it worked fine the first day i got it, but then the next day it stll freezes. my other games work fine. i dont know what to do. if anyone else has the same problem email me at thanks

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  21. VolksONER said

    that thing about changing the band name makes sense. i got GH2 about 2 weeks ago (patched since day 1) and had had no problems with it till the other nite when i changed my band name. then it started freezing at or right before the end of every song i played. i tried unplugging everything and all that jazz… which worked fine for about 1 hour then it froze again.
    i guess ill have to try deleting the save 😦

  22. VolksONER said

    deleted the save… still freezes. tried playing R6V… frozen. without the HD… you guessed it…. froze again. my shipping box should be here soon for my “elite” BRICK 😡

    4/24/07 – 7/31/07 R.I.P.

  23. Brandon said

    I have been playing my xbox for about a week with Guitar Hero 2 and I just got the same problem with the disc read error. Everything is fine until I click on a song to play and then it gives me the error. I can’t believe they charge $90 for this piece of $hit.

  24. Petar said

    I have had Guitar Hero 2 since it came out and had no problems then at the end of July when ever I put my Guitar Hero 2 disk it comes with a message saying put this disk in a 360 or it says play dvd on the dashboard tab. I NEED HELP!!!

  25. Joe said

    Yea it happend to me and my fread. we got the update and it froze soo i shut it off and turned it back and and BOOM! the ring of death!!!!!

  26. Joe said

    eny help with above post? thanks!^^

  27. Drock said

    Saul thank you, i had the same problem with it stuck on the loading screen. I thought i should delete the save but wasn’t sure until you seconded my opinion. All my stuff is gone though!

  28. Brian said

    ive had my guitar hero 2 since it came out… i lent it to a friend he gave it bac and now i hav that “Disc is unreadable sign”. So i thought it was scracted and i put it on my other 360 and it worked perfectly… Is it my 360 or the game? and how do i fix it?

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