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Did Microsoft just confirm HDMI?

Posted by Aaron on Monday, March 26, 2007

Looks like. When asked over at the Official Microsoft forum in this topic weather or not adding a HDMI port to the new “Elite Xbox 360” would require any code changes XNA developer Shawn Hargreaves said quite simply “No changes required.”

*GASP* does that mean the legend is true about the Elite 360? What do you all think? New Elite Xbox 360 confirmed?

2 Responses to “Did Microsoft just confirm HDMI?”

  1. gwhiz said

    Kinda short of a confirmation of any particular product direction dontcha think? I mean, if you asked if it’s possible an optical audio port is possible without any code changes… they might just say “No changes required”. So, while it’s great they have an open field on the hardware standards I’m thinking it’s shy of any kind of show of future developments. Just a confirmation that they “can” should they want to.

    Think of the economics of HDMI. BIG HUGE BANG on the user experience (provided the content will be there to take advantage of it) but at the expense of what additional bread board changes and component costs. Not to mention OEM’ing the cables everyone wants (look at how torqued people are that Apple didn’t put an HDMI cable in the AppleTV box). Same deal at additional cost. Question becomes… What would enough people pay for Elite to make it a worthwhile product strategy.

  2. Aaron said

    Thank you for the comment!

    With all of the other Xbox 360 Elite rumors,pictures going around I think this adds to the ever growing rumors lol I think they may announce the new 360 tomorrow. There is suppose to be a major announcement

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