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PlayStation 3 launched in Europe

Posted by Aaron on Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sony has launched its PlayStation 3 (PS3) console in Europe, in a bid to become the powerhouse of video gaming.

The company trails Microsoft and Nintendo in sales of next generation consoles and the launch has been beset with problems in the last year.

But the PlayStation brand remains strong with gamers and one million PS3s will hit shops on day one.

At the London launch everyone who bought a PS3 also received a free 46-inch HD television and a taxi home.

In total, the giveaway amounted to £250,000 worth of televisons to more than 100 gamers.

At the head of the queue, 17-year-old Ritatsu Thomas said the giveaway and PS3 had been worth the 36-hour wait.

He said: “I feel fantastic. I’m delighted that everyone here also gets a television.”

Sony has declared its launch of PlayStation 3 to date as a success, saying early sales are faster than those of its predecessor PS2.

It believes that the combination of a high-definition Blu-ray DVD player, online capabilities and gaming powered by the Cell processor will convince gamers to spend £425 (599 Euros) on the machine.

“High definition is very important to people,” said Ray Maguire, head of Sony Computer Entertainment in the UK.

“A lot of people have bought flat panel TVs and they want content to go on it and PlayStation 3 is one of the few places they can get that kind of experience.”

Mr Maguire said the TV giveaway in the UK was a reward for gamers’ patience.

Source: BBC News Technology

WOW thats awesome! Buy a PS3 in the UK and get a free 40-in. HDTV! Enjoy your PS3s and HDTVs fellow PS3 owners over in the UK. 🙂


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