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Newsweek: Xbox 360 Won’t Win the Console War

Posted by Aaron on Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sure, Microsoft has already sold well over 10 million 360s, and they have a rock solid online plan and a great library of games, but things should be going even better than they are, claims Newsweek’s N’Gai Croal. He talks about why the 360 won’t come out on top when the battle is over.

As part of N’Gai Croal’s “Level Up” section, the Newsweek columnist has put together a new piece that outlines some of the problems Microsoft camp is facing with the Xbox business, and why the 360 ultimately won’t be on top when all’s said and done.

The article “Redmond, We Have A Problem, Or, What’s Wrong With the Xbox 360” (which follows his “Tokyo, We Have A Problem, Or, What’s Wrong With the Playstation 3”), acknowledges the advantages Microsoft has (a year’s head start, large library of games, a cheaper SKU, etc.) but it also points to a few shortcomings.

For example, Xbox 360 sell-through has been lagging behind the original Xbox, and while roughly half of 360 owners never purchased an original Xbox, owners of the first Xbox have been slow to adopt the 360. “Part of the problem is that in the absence of a new Halo game, there’s been a slower-than-expected conversion of Xbox owners to Xbox 360. As of last fall, half of the people playing Halo 2 were doing so on the original Xbox, not the Xbox 360,” explains Croal. “That’s why the upcoming Halo 2 map pack will only work on Xbox 360–Microsoft needs to force recalcitrant Halo-lovers to buy their new machine. Another challenge for Microsoft may be that most Xbox 1 units sold at $199 or less; in fact, when Halo 2 shipped in November of 2004, the price of the Xbox had been set at $149 for seven months.”

Click here to read the rest of the article.


One Response to “Newsweek: Xbox 360 Won’t Win the Console War”

  1. husky13836 said

    I think that article proves nothing.

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