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[IGN PS3]Ninja Gaiden Sigma Hands-on 1080p full 60fps

Posted by Aaron on Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tecmo stopped over by the IGN offices today to let them have a look at Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Here is a sample of their hands-on with Ninja Gaiden Sigma:

Sigma will include all of the additional content that we saw included with Ninja Gaiden Black on the Xbox, like the mission modes, costumes and so forth. While we’re told that Ryu won’t see any new threads (or is that spandex?), all of his costumes have been reworked for the PS3’s HD output and will feature more detail than ever. Rachel too will see her own new accessories, though rather than full-on costumes you’ll be able to choose from a number of hair and earring selections for her.

Some 50 missions will be present here, with 10 dedicated to Rachel. You’ll be able to upload your efforts to a leaderboard and check out your rankings as before, but Sigma will add a number of new stats for comparison’s sake. From the number of deaths to how many advanced moves you performed to the number of times you used ninpo, you’ll have a bevy of stats to compare yourself to your friends with.

From a technical aspect, Ninja Gaiden Sigma looks about as sharp as we figure games can get. Every texture in the game has been reworked for the PlayStation 3, and a number of other effects have been added to spice things up, like self-shadowing and so forth. Some creatures now shine with ooze, while others emit clouds of something as they scurry about the battlefield. Tecmo said that it has just recently managed to implement full 1080p support into the game, and at a full 60fps to boot. Yes, this is one slick-looking title.

Hils Take
Having beaten the original Xbox Gaiden three times and Black once, I thought I’d had just about enough of Team Ninja’s brilliant action title. I was wrong. Sigma takes the meat of Ninja Gaiden Black and adds plenty of next-gen crackle. The intro level, which has Ryu Hayabusa attempting to infiltrate a ninja fortress, is crisp and colorful. The action, which was tightened to a frenetic pace for NG Black has been cranked to 11 on PS3. Ryu moves with such awesome speed it’s a miracle that the camera can ever keep up. And yet the camera, once a sore spot for the Xbox game, is actually more intelligent this time out and (at least for the most part) keeps the action on screen.

One of my biggest concerns regarding Sigma was the use of the Sixaxis’ tilt functionality. Fortunately, this is only used when casting ninpo (magic) and works fairly well. When you cast ninpo, just shake the controller up and down to quickly charge the attack. Because Ryu is locked in place during ninpo attacks, the need to shake the controller doesn’t disrupt the action and actually keeps you more involved throughout the sometimes lengthy casting animations.

There’s still a considerable amount of Sigma left to be seen. Rachel has three full-fledged playable chapters intermixed with Ryu’s original sixteen. There are also some surprises thrown in for long-time Gaiden fans, including new enemies and bosses for both Ryu and Rachel.

One secret Tecmo let slip is certain to get Ninja Gaiden fans pumped for Sigma. Early on in Ninja Gaiden, Ryu’s village is being attacked by the evil Doku. A beautiful CG cut-scene shows Ryu battle against Doku and lose badly. In Ninja Gaiden Sigma that CG cut-scene is gone. It’s no longer necessary — because now you get to fight that battle!

[IGN PS3 Hands-on]
[Ninja Gaiden Sigma Screenshots]
[Ninja Gaiden Sigma Videos]

Man I cannot wait for this game! 😀


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