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More PS3 Firmware 1.60 Update Details

Posted by Aaron on Tuesday, March 20, 2007

IGN PS3 has got more info. on the new firmware update coming for the PS3 this Thursday.

March 20, 2007 – Yesterday we brought you news from Japan of what functionality the upcoming 1.60 firmware update would add to the PlayStation 3, but today’s US press release shed light on a few more details. In addition to Remote Play support for 20GB models, an on-screen QWERTY keyboard and a zoom function for the web browser, the ability to run Folding@Home and basic background downloading, there will be a handful of other features included.

A disc auto-start option will allow users to choose whether they want their PS3 to automatically play a disc when it’s inserted or the machine is turned on. Support for rewriteable Blu-ray discs has been added, as well as the ability to use Bluetooth keyboards and mice.

Most of all though, the US press release shed more details on the all-important background downloading feature for the PlayStation Store. Users will be able to queue up to six downloads at one time, which coincidentally matches the Xbox 360’s maximum queue. Progress of these downloads can be followed under a new Download Management section that will reside under the Cross Media Bar’s Network icon. While you won’t be able to play a game while downloads work in the background, you will be able to watch video, view images, listen to music and browse the web at the same time.

The update is set for release on this coming Thursday, March 22nd.



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