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NiGHTS Officially Confirmed for Wii?

Posted by Jay on Monday, March 19, 2007

We’ve all heard the rumors the past couple of weeks about a new NiGHTS game coming to the Wii. Well, one site believes that this is 100% true…

NiGHTS into Dreams is being rumored for a Wii appearance – This has been brewing for some time now but gaming site Spong is saying that it just got the “official” word from Nintendo and Sega. According to the online site, the two companies confirmed 100 that NiGHTS into Dreams (NiD) is indeed being resurrected for the Wii.

Take note that this isn’t going to be for the Virtual Console (VC). Spong explained that a totally new game is being planned. It should be remembered that Sega recently conducted a poll over its official website about old video games fans would like to see return for the next-gen consoles. NiGHTS, as expected, was the overall favorite followed by Streets of Rage and Samba de Amigo, among many others.

The video game, for those not familiar with it, revolves around the concept of a dream world divided into two halves, Nightopia and Nightmare. All of people’s dreams are being played out in these lands every night. However, Nightmare ruler Wizeman the Wicked wants to control both halves, including the real world, and that’s why he created acrobats NiGHTS and Reala.

NiGHTS somehow saw through Wizeman the Wicked’s plans and ultimately rebelled against him. One night, a boy and a girl arrived in Nightopia and became instrumental in NiGHTS’ quest for peace and freedom.

Of course, what you’ve just read is the original plot of the video game which was released for the Sega Saturn system back in 1996. We’re not pretty sure if Sega is going to stick with this storyline or if the company will eventually expand the concept.


I’d like to wait for an official announcement from Sega/Nintendo before I believe it, but when I read this I was quite excited.


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