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Devil May Cry 4 Now Multiplatform PS3/360/PC

Posted by Aaron on Monday, March 19, 2007

Looks like Capcom’s Devil May Cry 4 is now coming out for the 360/PC as well as the PS3. Here is the translated version:

[kapukon], ” devil May cry 4 “play station 3”, Xbox 360™, with the multi-platform of PC sale decision!

Because corporation [kapukon], “play station 3” (PS3™), in Xbox for 360 and PC, ‘decided the development of devil May cry 4’, we inform.

‘As for the devil May cry’ series, individual world view and charm the character which overflows is the stylish action game of popularity. The 1st work eye after the selling, being domestic in 2001, the sum total shipment 6,800,000 book (as of 2006 December 31st) it is one of the title which represents this corporation which you are proud, in addition to the game at WOWOW we plan televising the TV animation 2007 spring. With up-to-date work ‘devil May cry 4’, from before the selling we gain the popularity where the user is high e.g., the original action due to the most beautiful image expression and the new protagonist in the series history which utilizes the quality of each hard is observed, in Tokyo game Shaw 2006 as test playing the line of the long snake can designate. In for PS3 and Xbox 360 we sell the same software, simultaneously.

This corporation supplied success largely for the next generation machine by tackling software development promptly. In addition, including the respective company development of integrated environment for software development, correspondence to leading hardware technology we have gone positively, high function, we assure the improvement of efficiency of the development in the next generation game machine which is made multi-functional.

This corporation, as in the future the improvement of degree of customer satisfaction of the user is assured, starts assuring the largest conversion of the profit by promoting the multi-platform strategy.

1. Title name Devil May cry 4
2. Genre Stylish action
3. Corresponding type “Play station 3”
Xbox 360
4. Sale day Undecided
* ” PSP “and the ” play station ” are registered trade mark of corporation SONY [konpiyutaentateinmento].
As for *Xbox 360 it is registered trade mark or the trade mark in the United States and other countries of the United States Microsoft Corporation.

Source:  Translated Version & Original Version


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