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The Full Moon Show Episode 2 – 03/15/07

Posted by Aaron on Thursday, March 15, 2007

Insomniac Games The Full Moon Show Episode 2 – 03/15/07 is now live. Here are the details for this weeks podcast:

Check out the second episode of the Full Moon Show, featuring Insomniac Assistant Project Manager Ed Kim, and another very special Mystery Guest!

* 0:00:00 – Introduction, What’s up with us?
* 0:09:30 – “Ratchet & Clank Future” Update
* 0:21:35 – Mystery Guest
* 0:55:53 – I Want Your Job!(img)
* 1:11:42 – Resistance: Fall of Man Update (R:FoM’s Latest Magazine Cover!) Awesome European R:FoM Site!
* 1:19:53 – Player Interview: Bpowter (first to 5000 games!) (img) (img)
* 1:32:00 – Community Fan Mail (img) (img)
* 1:45:20 – Rolf’s Rant (img)
* 1:53:09 – Closing, Outtakes

Episode 2’s Mystery Guest Clues:

* Despite being acclaimed for his cinematic vision today, was denied admission to film school
* Has contributed to 13 games, including 2 AAA franchises
* Sweet Home Alabama


I can’t wait to listen to this podcast the guys at Insomniac Games are doing a great job.


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