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Nunchuk-only Game for the Wii?

Posted by Jay on Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Opoona Logo

Here’s some interesting bit of news for you guys. A game with an intriguing, simple control system. It’s an RPG called Opoona. According to WiiFanboy:

Opoona is a new game from Koei that casts players in the title role, as a visitor to planet Landroll who must earn job licenses to gain access to areas of the planet and investigate the incident that injured his parents. These licenses correspond to jobs, which the player is free to choose.

Opoona is also a game that is controlled entirely with the Nunchuk. The game uses an “Active Bombom” combat system wherein players whip projectiles with the nunchuk. Movement outside of battle is also controlled by the Nunchuk, leaving your poor, neglected Wiimote dangling lamely from its tether.

I’d like to see how this game plays out. It doesn’t seem like you can do much with only the nunchuk, but we’ll see.
Source: Nintendo Wii Fanboy


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