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European PS3 has over 1200 compatible PS2 titles (and rising)

Posted by Aaron on Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Andronix of attended the Playstation 3 event at 3Rooms in London. Here is what he had to say about it:

I’ve just come back from the Playstation 3 event at 3Rooms in London. It was encouraging to see some of the fattest and nerdiest bloggers out in force.

Phil Harrison basically gave a recap of his presentation at the GDC. Although there wasn’t any new revelations, the demonstraton of Playstation Home went down very well with a couple of people gushing praise.

* The Playstation Home team are working to allow people meeting in Home to launch directly into a game.

* Phil said Sony are looking at ways for people to sell items to one another, however they do not want to become a bank and take on the responsibility and regulations that entails.

* There is a long-term plan to allow people outside a cinema/movie theatre in home, to ‘go in’ and download the film to their PS3.

* Possibly some aspects of Playstation Home will be accessible via the PSP, obviously limited by its hardware.

* Phil did confirm that the PAL/Euro version of the Playstation 3 currently has over 1200 compatible PS2 titles, with more to be added to the list by the time the console launches. This will be via a necessary firmware upgrade to 1.6 (the consoles were shipped over 4 weeks ago.)

* The Sony PR man said that a new HD camera and mic. with spatial awareness will be coming later in the year. Also downloaded PS1 games playable on the PS3 will happen- but later this year.

So, very pleased to hear that the PS2 issue is being actively worked on.


Encouraging to hear for our fellow future PS3 owners 🙂


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